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Taishi Jizoson and ruins of the Tobita grave
In a very small area lies a virtual treasure trove of items of historical interest: the Imamiya ruins, a monument to the Tobita Taishi Jizoson deity, the monument in the Tobita graveyard to those who died without any relatives, and the image of the deity Taishi Jizo. The graveyard was relocated to this area as a part of the town plan during the Genna period (1615-1624). There was also an execution ground here at the time, and the facility was known as one of the seven major burial grounds of Osaka. An area of approximately 6-7 km2 around Minami-Kasumi-cho Station on the Hankai Tramway was previously a graveyard, and it is said that there was approximately 300 m2 set aside to the east for people who died without any surviving relatives. The Taishi Jizo was a famous image of the Jizo deity, and was located within the graveyard. Its soft, gentle facial expression is full of sympathy and benevolence.

Location : 1-5-2 Taishi
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