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Department and Section Services, with Telephone Numbers
List of Responsible Departments/Sections
Floor Department Window Number Section Phone Number FAX Number Main Services
71 Bank     Affairs related to municipal revenues only (e.g., municipal taxes, insurance premiums)
General affairs
72   06-6659-9625 06-6659-2245 General affairs of ward office Affairs related to the ward’s overall policy making Affairs related to elections and statistics
06-6659-9683 06-6659-2245 Affairs related to public hearings/consultations, and public relations
Civic collaboration
73 Disaster/crime prevention 06-6659-9734 06-6659-2246 Affairs related to disaster prevention/disaster relief, disaster relief money, natural disasters (e.g., earthquakes, typhoons) certificates, registration of individuals who need support in case of emergency, crime prevention measures, measures against illegally parked bicycles, applications for subsidy for street lamps, community-based security and crime prevention, and crime prevention patrol with vehicles equipped with blue flashers
Civic collaboration 06-6659-9734 06-6659-2246 Support for regional activities, promotion of civic activities, regional facilities for assembly, the hall annexed to the ward office, and Nishinari Ward Community Chest
Civic activity support 06-6659-9734 06-6659-2246 Affairs related to the promotion of civic activities, Mirai Waga-machi (My Future Town) Promotion Conference, greening promotion, planning & coordination projects, and special condolence grants for survivors of the war dead
Human Rights/Lifetime Learning 06-6659-9734 06-6659-2246 Human rights awareness promotion, lifetime learning, social education
Counter service
61 Insurance and pension (insurance) 06-6659-9956 06-6659-2245 National health insurance, long life medical care system (medical care system for the elderly aged over 75), national pension
62 Insurance and pension (management) 06-6659-9946 06-6659-2245 Payment of national health insurance premiums and consultation on premium payments
Health care and welfare
51 Regional welfare 06-6659-9857 06-6659-9468 General consultation on health and welfare, and affairs related to senior citizens and physically and/or mentally disabled citizens
Child-rearing support 06-6659-9824 06-6659-9468 Affairs related to child-rearing support, child abuse, child welfare, nurseries, single-parent family support, child benefits, medical care subsidy, domestic violence consultation, schools and kindergartens, and youth development
52 Nursing-care insurance 06-6659-9859 06-6659-9468 Nursing care-related matters
Health care and welfare
31 Public assistance 06-6659-9872 06-6659-2259 Public assistance-related matters
Affairs related to volunteer family/child welfare commissioners and the local welfare action plan
Affairs related to housing subsidies
Application acceptance and interview 06-6659-9840 06-6659-2259 Public assistance-related matters
1-15 06-6659-9872 06-6659-2259
Self-reliance support 06-6659-9886 06-6659-2259 Support for recipients of public assistance to become self-reliant and find jobs
Health care and welfare
21 Regional health 06-6659-9882 06-6659-9085 Issuance of maternal and child health handbook, health checkups for infants, vaccinations, health promotion services, various types of cancer screenings, prevention of infectious diseases (including tuberculosis), consultation on nutrition and diet, subsidies to cover medical costs (for treatment of childhood asthma, specified child chronic diseases, prematurity, specified diseases, and hepatitis), compensation for health damage caused by pollution, health checkups for atomic bomb survivors, medical checkup for atomic bomb survivors, welfare service for people with mental disorders, matters relating to medical laws, such as application for permission to open a clinic and for a nurse’s license
06-6659-9973 06-6659-9085 Consultation services for controlling harmful insects/rats, consultation on environmental and food sanitation, consultation on rabies prevention and animal protection
23 Tuberculosis screening 06-6659-9969 06-6659-9085 Affairs related to tuberculosis screening
22 Regional health activities 06-6659-9968 06-6659-9085 Consultation on health issues by health workers and consultation on mental health and welfare, health education programs, and home visits for support and guidance
Counter service
11 General information      
13 Resident registration 06-6659-9963 06-6659-2245 Resident registration, seal registration, alien registration, address indication and proof of address, enrollment in local schools
Issuance of municipal tax certificates and temporary driving permissions (Telephone inquiries are handled by the administrative staff of Abeno Municipal Tax Office: 06-4396-2948.)
Family register 06-6659-9961 06-6659-2245 Notification of family register, application for copies and abridged copies of family register, and copies of Koseki-no-Fuhyo (additional cards of family register), application for cremation/burial permits
14 Issuance counter      
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