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fire-fighting activities of O.M.F.D
Fire-fighting activities
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Statistics showing the occurrence of emergency cases in Osaka City
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1.Statistics for Osaka City
Cases of fire during 2016 amounted to 849 incidents, which represent a decrease of 21 incidents over the previous year (870 incidents).
Fatalities due to fire amounted to 26 (not including 6 cases of deliberate incendiarism for the purpose of suicide), which represent a increase of 2 over the previous year. Injuries due to fire totaled 182 (a year-on-year increase of 34).
The area damaged by fire came to 5,409 square meters (a year-on-year increase of 607 square meters). The amount of damage in financial terms amounted to 584,098 thousand yen (a year-on-year increase of 157,015 thousand yen).
When converted to a daily average, these figure reveal that 2.4 incidents of fire took place daily, with corresponding daily damage at 13.1 square meters of damage to buildings and 1,595,500 yen financial loss.

The statistics for causes of fire are as follows:
1st: Arson
(including suspected cases of arson)
174 cases
(a year-on-year decrease of 42 incidents)
2nd: Cigarettes 138 cases
(a year-on-year increase of 2 incidents)
3rd: Electrical wiring kinds 70 cases
(a year-on-year increase of 6 incident)
4th: Gas cookers 63 cases
(a year-on-year decrease of 25 incidents)

Arson (including suspected cases of arson) has consistently stood at the top of the list of causes of fire every year since 1976 (unchanged for 41 years). Since 1984, the top three causes of fires have been arson (including suspected cases of arson), cigarettes, and oil used in deep frying, in that order, but, starting in 2012, gas cookers have become the number 3 cause. And Electrical wiring kinds have become the 3rd cause since 2016.


[1] Cases of fire and fatalities

Cases of fire outbreak during 2016 amounted to 849 incidents, representing decrease over the previous year of 21 cases. (Osaka's worst figures for outbreaks of fire were those for 1961, when 2,819 incidents were recorded.)
Fatalities resulting from fire amounted to 26 (not including the number of cases of deliberate incendiarism for the purpose of suicide), a year-on-year increase of 2 deaths. The number of cases of deliberate incendiarism for the purpose of suicide was 6, a year-on-year increase of 3. The number of people injured in fires amounted to some 182, a year-on-year increase of 34.

Section 2016(a) 2015(b) (a-b)
Number of fires 849 870 -21
Casualties (details below) 214 175 39
** Fatalities 32 27 5
** Excluding incendiary suicides 26 24 2
** Incendiary suicides 6 3 3
** Injured 182 148 34

[2] Fires categorized

In terms of the type of fire, the number of fires involving buildings totaled 613 cases (a year-on-year decrease of 31 cases), while fires involving vehicles amounted to some 66 cases (a year-on-year increase of 16 cases).

Section 2016(a) 2015(b) (a-b)
Fires involving buildings 613 644 -31
Fires involving vehicles 66 50 16
Fires involving boats and shipping 0 2 -2
Explosions 3 1 2
Other types of fire 167 173 -6
Total 849 870 -21

[3] Categorized causes of fire

In terms of the different causes of fire, the leading cause was arson (including cases of suspected arson), cases of which amounted to 174 (a year-on-year decrease of 42 case). Arson (including suspected cases) accounted for 20.5% of all fires.
Arson (including suspected cases) has consistently been the leading cause of fire every year since 1976 (Up until 1975, cigarettes had been the number-one cause of fires for nine consecutive years). It is crucial that the bodies concerned, whether local authorities, businesses, or administrative organs, unite in an ongoing effort to eliminate incendiarism from our society.

Section 2016(a) 2015(b) (a-b)
Arson (including suspected cases of arson) 174 214 -42
Cigarettes 138 136 2
Electrical wiring kinds 70 64 6
Gas cookers 63 88 -25
Deep-frying oil and fat 53 64 -11
Other causes 351 304 47
Total 849 870 -21

[4] Area damaged by fire / financial loss from fire

The area damaged by fire amounted to 5,409 square meters (a year-on-year increase of 607 square meters) whereas the financial loss incurred totaled 584,098 thousand yen (a year-on-year increase of 157,015 thousand yen).

Section 2016(a) 2015(b) (a-b)
Area damaged by fire Area 5,409 square meters 4,802 square meters 607 square meters
Per outbreak of fire involving buildings 8.8 square meters 7.4 square meters 1.4 square meters
Financial loss Financial loss (thousand yen) 584,098 427,083 157,015
Per outbreak of fire (thousand yen) 688.0 490.9 197.1

[5] Breakdown by month

In terms of the number of outbreaks of fire per month, cases of fire were numerous in December (84 cases),while September saw the fewest cases of fire (49 cases).

Month 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Number 2016(a) 81 78 76 72 80 57 63 62 49 66 81 84
2015(b) 71 72 106 66 64 63 75 63 54 83 74 79
(a-b) 10 6 -30 6 16 -6 -12 -1 -5 -17 7 5


3.Ambulance emergencies
[1] Number of missions and persons transported

Ambulances went on a total of 226,048 missions (a year-on-year increase of 6,172 cases), transporting a total of 183,115 (a year-on-year increase of 5,001 cases).
Converted to a daily average, the figures reveal that ambulance crews were mobilized some 618 times per day (once every 2.4 minutes ) and that some 501 people were transported by ambulance daily.

Section 2016(a) 2015(b)
Number of missions 226,048 219,876 6,172
Number of people transported 183,115 178,114 5,001

[2] Types of emergency

A breakdown of ambulance missions by type of emergency reveals that the top-ranking form of emergency was sudden illness, which accounted for 152,175 cases (a year-on-year increase of 4,478 cases) and constituted 67.3% of all emergencies. Coming second were cases of general injury, which amounted to 36,541 incidents (a year-on-year increase of 1,451 cases) and constituted 16.1% of all emergencies. In third place were traffic accidents, which totaled 15,492 incidents (a year-on-year decrease of 337 cases) and accounted for 6.8% of all emergencies.

Section 2016(a) 2015(b) (a-b)
Total 226,048 219,876 6,172
Sudden illness 152,175 147,697 4,478
General injury 36,541 35,090 1,451
Traffic accidents 15,492 15,829 -337
Inflicted injury 2,861 2,912 -51
Self-inflicted injury 2,283 2,235 48
Labor-related injury 1,430 1,385 45
Fire-related 934 913 21
Sport-related 989 1016 -27
Flood-related 79 90 -11
Natural disaster 14 5 9
Others 13,250 12,704 540


4.Life-saving and rescue

Fire-fighting crews performed 3,121 rescue missions, including accidents inside and outside buildings, traffic accidents, labor-related accidents, and other life-threatening situations. This figure represented an increase of 168 incidents over the previous year. People rescued as a result of these life-saving activities amounted to 1,249 individuals in a total of 102 cases.
The most numerous rescue missions involved building-related accidents, which amounted to 2,151 incidents, a year-on-year increase of 116. These missions resulted in 909 people being saved in a total of 905 incidents. Just one illustration of a building-related accident would be activities to aid individuals having collapsed for some reason or other inside locked rooms.

Section 2016(a) 2015(b) (a-b)
Total 3,121 2,953 168
Building-related emergencies 2,151 2,035 116
Traffic accidents 191 202 -11
Water-related emergencies 105 113 -8
Elevator-related accidents 32 37 -5
Machinery-related accidents 25 21 4
Gas-related accidents 20 24 -4
Others 597 521 76

5.Non-Fire,non-ambulance and non-rescue-related emergencies
Section 2016(a) 2015(b) (a-b)
Total 2,402 2,495 -93
Hazard elimination Subtotal 1,137 1,186 -49
Hazardous materials 651 708 -57
Gas leaks 109 85 24
Incidents involving collapses 106 141 -35
Suspicious odors 47 63 -16
Drainage 98 87 11
Others 117 102 15
Levee protection operations 9 7 2
Other fire-fighting activities 1,265 1,302 -37
[1] Hazard elimination

Missions to remove potential hazards and risks and thus prevent disaster amounted to 1,137 cases, a decrease of 49 incidents over the previous year.
Almost half of these were accounted for by emergencies involving the discharge of hazardous material, which amounted to 651 cases, a decrease of 57 cases over the previous year. The greater part of these emergencies involving discharge of hazardous material entailed accidents in which vehicle collisions had resulted in the discharge of fuel (gasoline, diesel, etc.) onto the road surface.

[2] Levee protection operations

Missions to prevent storm and flood-related damage by surveying and issuing cautions against rising river water levels due to rainfall etc., as well as the encroachment of water into homes, amounted to 9 cases, an increase of 2 incidents over the previous year.
There is no telling when such disaster will strike. To safeguard against such eventualities, it is a good idea to keep in readiness such items as a radio set, flashlights, emergency food supplies, and other emergency tools and supplies.

[3] Other fire-fighting activities

Cases in which crews set out in response to reports of fire but which were not ultimately recorded as such amounted, along with other similar instances, to some 1,265 incidents, a decrease of 37 cases over the previous year. Missions mainly involve smoke emissions from scorched pans left unattended on stoves. Although such cases may only result in a ruined meal at best, if left alone longer, such instances can result in fire. We urge the utmost care whenever you are handling fire.
*Apart from such cases, crews set out on 3,393 missions in response to calls that eventually proved to be erroneous or false reports. This figure represented a decrease of 58 over the previous year. Please ensure, therefore, that you check the facts carefully before reporting an emergency or disaster.

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