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Ward office
Guide to Sumiyoshi Ward Office

3-15-55 Minamisumiyoshi, Sumiyoshi-ku, Osaka 558-8501 Map
Service hours: 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. from Monday through Friday (excluding national holidays, year-end and new year)
Every Friday, the ward office remains open for services until 7:00 p.m.
On the fourth Sunday of every month, the ward office is open from 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.
*Some services are unavailable, therefore ask for details.
Contact to: General Affairs Department (General Affairs / Accounting)

Telephone consultation for foreign residents at ward offices
TEL: 06-6694-9907
Ward offices provide telephone consultation on administrative services and information inquiries.
English, Chinese and Korean Monday through Friday
Thai Mondays
Portuguese Tuesdays
Indonesian Wednesdays
Spanish Fridays
Service hours: 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. from Monday through Friday (excluding national holidays, year-end and new year)

Responsible Department Group Telephone Fax Main areas of work
General Affairs Department General Affairs and Accounting 06-6694-9625 06-6692-5535 Matters concerning the general administration of the Ward Office and accounting
Election/Statistics 06-6694-9626 06-6692-5535 Matters concerning elections and statistics
Public Relations 06-6694-9683 06-6692-5535 Matters concerning various forms of advice for citizens, citizens' opinions, distribution of application forms for municipal and prefectural public housing and public relations
Comprehensive Planning 06-6694-9957 06-6692-5535 Matters concerning ward management policy and ward monitors
Civil Participation and Collaboration Department General Affairs 06-6694-9840 06-6692-5535 Matters concerning the general administration of the Civil Participation and Collaboration Department and the operations of halls attached to the Ward Office
Community Activities 06-6694-9743 06-6692-5535 Matters concerning the Community Activities Council, community promotion, operation of the community facilitation system, and Ward Action Plan projects
Disaster Mitigation 06-6694-9734 06-6692-5535 Matters concerning disaster mitigation and disaster relief work
Crime Prevention 06-6694-9989 06-6692-5535 Matters concerning crime prevention, community safety and crime prevention, bicycle parking meaures, and projects to promote the planting of flowers and greenery
Human Rights and Lifelong Education 06-6694-9743 06-6692-5535 Matters concerning the promotion of human rights education, lifelong learning, and community education
Community Planning 06-6694-9989 06-6692-5535 Matters concerning planning and support for community planning projects with citizens' participation
Residents' Services Department Residence Registration and Family Register 06-6694-9963 06-6692-5535 Matters concerning residence registration, residence registration for foreigners, personal seal registration, and residence indication. Matters concerning the basic resident register card and school attendance. Matters concerning temporary driving permissions. Matters concerning issue of certificates for municipal taxes (telephone inquiries should be addressed to the Abeno Municipal Tax Office on 06-4396-2948).
Residence Registration and Family Register 06-6694-9961 06-6692-5535 Matters concerning notifications related to family registration, applications for family registry copies/extracts (certificate of registration matters (whole/individual)), and applications for permission for transfer of remains and cremation
National Health Administration 06-6694-9946 06-6692-4423 Matters concerning advice on payment, refunds, and exemption from national health insurance premiums
Insurance and Pensions 06-6694-9956 06-6692-4423 Matters concerning national health insurance, the medical care system for the elderly aged 75 and over, and the national pension
Public Health and Welfare Department Health Promotion 06-6694-9882 06-6694-6125 Matters concerning Mother and Child Health Handbooks, vaccinations, infant and child health checkups, various health checkups (cancer screening, specific health checkups, etc.), advice on nutrition and food, matters related to tuberculosis, matters related to the Medical Care Act, pollution-related health damage compensation, subsidies for medical expenses for childhood asthma, pet dog registration, advice on animals and pests, matters related to environmental health, matters related to food hygiene, matters related to pollution
Health Consultation 06-6694-9968 06-6694-6125 Matters concerning health advice, mental health and welfare advice, home visits, and health education by public health nurses
Public Health and Welfare 06-6694-9857 06-6694-9692 Matters concerning the welfare of disabled people (Identification Booklet for the Physically Challenged, Nursing Booklet for the Challenged, Health and Welfare Notebook for the Mentally Challenged, special disability benefits, matters related to the Services and Supports for Persons with Disabilities Act, daily living appliances), welfare of children and mothers, daycare entrance, child allowance, (special) child rearing allowance, child abuse, advice on domestic violence, midwife clinics and mother's and children's support facilities, Child-Raising Support Office, support for independence of one-parent families, subsidies for medical expenses, medical care for the elderly (partial resonsibility), medical care for severely disabled people, medical care for infants and children, medical care for one-parent families, and medical care for specified diseases (intractable diseases)
Elder Support and Long Term Care Insurance 06-6694-9852 06-6694-9692 Senior citizens' discount passes, elder welfare (daily living appliances, long-term care appliances, emergency reporting system, home renovation subsidies for elderly people, entrance to nursing homes for the elderly, etc.), advice on elder abuse
Elder Support and Long Term Care Insurance 06-6694-9859 06-6694-9692 Matters concerning long-term care insurance
Livelihood Protection 06-6694-9866 06-6692-4422 Matters concerning commissioned welfare volunteers and commissioned child welfare volunteers
Livelihood Protection 06-6694-9872 06-6692-4422 Matters concerning public assistance
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