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Joko-ji Temple (No.32 block, Higashimikuni 1-chome)
The origin of this temple was when SASAKI Moritsuna, MINAMOTO Yoritomo's retainers, left home after the death of his master to become a monk, took the name Sainen, and during the Kennin Period (1201-1204) came to this site where he built a cottage. In 1793, the priest SHOKYU Hoshi, rebuilt the cottage as it stands today, and from generation to generation it was known as a seat of learning called terakoya. In 1875 this school became No.5 elementary school, the oldest school in Yodogawa Ward (today, Kita Nakajima Shogakko).

The giant Japanese cinnamon tree (kusu-no-ki) beside the main gate of the temple is spectacular.
Photo: Joko-ji Temple

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