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Kaguwashi Jinja (Shrine) (No.4 block, Kashima 4-chome)
Built in 959, this ancient shrine has a long history. From medieval times through the Edo Period (beginning in 1600) this shrine was the center of the Inari faith ( a branch of Shrine Shinto, Inari being the god of harvest, and colloquially represented by the fox) and was called “Kashima Inari.” It is said that at the time of Omikoshi Festival (the time each year when the god is carried on the shoulders of village youth) there was so much excitement in the streets even the daimyo (feudal lord) of the west was pushed aside. In 1738, a mint was established in Kashima where high-quality copper coins were made.

Kobunkan within the precincts of the shrine houses rare shrine treasures such as records kept by the mint, MATSUKI Tantan ( a haiku poet), and calligraphy by UEDA Akinari.

In addition, there are KUSUNOKI Masayoshi Koma-tsunagi kusunoki (the Japanese cinnamon tree where KUSUNOKI Masayoshi tied his horse) and the scapolites of the torii (shrine gate) dedicated by MIYOSHI Chokei, etc. in the precincts.
Photo: Kaguwashi Jinja

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