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Kamitsu Jinja Shrine (No.6 block, Jusohigashi 2-chome)
This shrine was erected in the Tensho Period (1573 - 1592). Beginning for the veneration of the bodhisattva Hachiman, it became a popular shrine for warriors. In 1909, several shrines in the area joined together to form the Kamitsu Jinja.

After the war, the god Tomi Ebisu whose statue is in this shrine and whose name "Tomi" is pronounced the same as the word for wealth was very popular and was called "the god of the shopping street." In the shrine precincts there is a reproduction of a "good luck kiln" (kikko-gama). Pottery began to come from this kiln around 1801, when TODA Jihei received the name "kikko" from General TOKUGAWA Ienari and began making pottery bearing that name in Kojima (present day Juso). Today the shop has moved to Kisaichi in Katano City.
Photo: Kamitsu Jinja Shrine

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