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Koyo-ji Temple (No.8 block, Nishinakajima 7-chome)
A very ancient temple said to have been built in 747 by the priest GYOKI.

In the Ryakuo Period (1338 - 1342), the military chieftain AKAMATSU Norimura dedicated a very rare variety of rhododendron, the Rhododendron Indicum, and in the Edo Period this temple was called the Rhododendron Temple because it was filled with visitors during the season when the flowers were in bloom. Behind the main hall is the grave of TAIRA no Kagekiyo (familiarly called Waru Shichibei) a brave Heike warrior who proved himself in the Battle of Yashima together with the graves of his warriors. The graves were probably made much later after the role of Kagekiyo was made famous by Kabuki and Noh.
Photo: Koyo-ji Temple

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