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Old Highway (Nose Kaido)
The Tokaido and Nakasendo are the highways often depicted in historical drama (jidai-geki). Yodogawa Ward too has its old highways. Nose Kaido and Chugoku Kaido are two of these.

(Nose Kaido)

Nose Kaido with Korai-bashi Bridge as starting point, branches off from Chugoku Kaido at Shimo Samban (present day Nakatsu) and continues to Nakatsu-gawa Shimbashi (which was eliminated in the Shin Yodogawa excavation work at the time Nakatsu-gawa was renovated), Kikawa, Nonaka, Miyahara Shinke (present day Mikunihommachi), and Kamata (present day Nishimikuni) where it crosses Kanzaki-gawa and continues to what is now Toyonaka City, Ikeda City and Nose Town to connect to San'in Highway at Kameoka City. In Kamitsu Jinja Shrine there is an old road marker with the words" Right to Kojima Village Inari Jinja Shrine" on the front and "June of the year Kansei Kanoe-inu" on the back. Kojima was the old name for the region around Jusohigashi in the 2nd year of Kansei (1790); Kamitsu Jinja was an O-inari-san shrine dedicated to the god of agriculture, and in the area around there were farm villages.

(Chugoku Kaido)

Minamizume at Juso Ohashi Bridge, on the opposite bank of our Yodogawa Ward has a rare night-light type street sign. Travelers using Chugoku Kaido from Korai-bashi, passing through Chaya-machi and Nakatsu use the Juso Watashi Ferry (later to become Juso-bashi and Juso Ohashi), and from Hori (present day Jusohommachi), Imazato (present day Jusomotoimazato and Tagawa Kita), Mitsuya, cross Kanzaki-gawa by the Kanzaki Watashi Ferry, and connect with Saigoku Kaido at Nishinomiya (for Shimonoseki or Kyoto). During the Edo Period, Osaka was the people's market place, the financial center, here the various western clans kept their storehouses, and this is where many feudal lords stopped on their way to Edo on their sankin kotai journeys, the road was lively with a host of travelers coming from the Saigoku Kaido to take the Chugoku Kaido.

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