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Sai-no-ki Jinja Shrine (No.7 block, Nishinakajima 7-chome)
This shrine was built to pray for the souls of the persons responsible for the construction of the Nakajima Channel, SAWADA Kyuzaemon, ICHIYANAGI Tarobei, and NISHIO Rokuemon, three village heads (shoya) who committed suicide on this spot in April 1678, just before officers came from the magistrate's office to arrest them.

The these three village heads too impatient to wait for permission from the bakufu (government), hastily began a Yodogawa flood prevention project without permission and in a mere ten days had completed a waste water ditch called "Nakajima Suido" extending from Awaji, Higashiyodogawa Ward to 4-chome Denpo, Konohana Ward. This sad story is well known by the highly reputed Osaka Water Works as an elegy, and the name of the incident is still preserved in the name of the foot path, "Ono-gawa Ryokuin Hodo" (shaded path). One version of the story states that of the three, only NISHIO Rokuemon committed suicide.
Photo: Sai-no-ki Jinja Shrine

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