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Graves of SHIMA Sakon and Doetsu (No.7 block, Jusohigashi 3-chome)
These graves are located in Kikawa Graveyard. SHIMA Sakon was a servant of ISHIDA Mitsunari who was active in the battle of Sekigahara and died in battle. There is a legend that one of his wives and his daughters lived in hiding on this spot. Doetsu, a descendent of Sakon, was an important person in charge of flood control of Nakatsu-gawa (present day Yodogawa) who worked devotedly for more than ten years until he finally completed repair work on the river.

Three years later he died at age of 44, and his gravestone tells of his dedicated service in the famous prose of the scholar YAMAMOTO Doun. A descendent of Doetsu, SHIMA Kichijiro, built Sakon's grave in 1934.
Photo: Graves of SHIMA Sakon and Doetsu

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