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Shotsu-in Temple (No.7 block, Kigawahigashi 1-chome)
Built is 1746 by KANAYA Saijiro, chief town advisor of Temma.

From the Kanaya family have come scholars and literary figures such as Sanken, Sensai and Kohan and the grave of Sensai is located here. The grave of SHITOMI Kangetsu in the graveyard is very famous; he is the artist who painted "Scenes from a Visit to Ise Shrine," and "Famous Local Products of Japan." He died in 1797 at the age of 51.

The stone statue of Fudo (the fire god) that stands in front of the main worship hall was created in 1844, called "The Fudo-san of Kikawa," is widely worshipped.
Photo: Shotsu-in Temple

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