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Monoi Seisei-do (No.1 block, Juhachijo 3-chome)
The secret tradition of the "Juhachi-jo Chi-no-michi yaku" of Monoi Seisei-do is that it is a miracle drug for bleeding before and after childbirth. This medicine was made and dispensed in 1560 by the 24th generation MONOI Sukemitsu, and a vicarious sacrifice tale of MONOI Sukemitsu's ancestor FUJIWARA Nakamitsu killed his own child, Kojumaru, to protect his master MINAMOTO Mitsunaka's son Bijomaru is still handed down. There is a musical recitation (yokyoku) and dance (kowakamai) telling this story and even today memorial services are held by the MONOI Family for Kojumaru. Photo: Monoi Seisei-do

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