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Fukko-ji Temple (No.10 block, Kashima 4-chome)
According to legend, this temple was built when, during the Taika Reform Period (645 - 650), Hodo Shonin (a Buddhist priest) came from India with a number of miraculous relics, and claiming to have discovered spiritual emanations in the vicinity of this site, started building a hall to enshrine Amitabha Buddha. This amazing 4.95 meter Buddhist statue, solemn and majestic in appearance, is believed to be a work created in the early Fujiwara Period.

Another story known far and wide is the one of a Buddhist nun who had a vision of Prince SHOTOKU in a dream instructing her to gather busshari (Buddha's ashes) from the surounding bush and enshrine them in the temple.

In the Kamakura Period (1185-1333) General HOJO Tokiyori visited this grand temple with its ancient trees and dense growth of vegetation.
Photo: Fukko-ji Temple

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