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TOMISAKA Kentaro's Poem Monument (No.21 block, Jusohommachi 1-chome)
This grave is located in the temple precincts of Choan-ji and is engraved with a waka in praise of the worship object of the temple: "Open the door / Amida Nyorai / and sned a rain of flowers / upon this vale of tears / at the season's peak."

Kentaro was an obscure waka poet who sold used clothing in Juso, but in character he was truly remarkable, recognized by HANADA Hiroshi and highly appreciated in some circles. Run over by a car on New Year's eve night he died in 1962 at the age of 71.

His gravestone was erected by the Akebi Uta-kai, a poetry reading group to which he belonged, in 1968.
Photo: TOMISAKA Kentaro's Poem Monument

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