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UEDA Akinari's Grave (No.5 block, Kashima 4-chome)
The world famous author of Ugetsu Monogatari (Tales of Moonlight and Rain) and Harusame Monogatari (Tales of Spring Rain) UEDA Akinari lived here for a little less than three years from 1773 under the patronage of the head priest of FUJI Iehide, head priest of Kaguwashi Jinja Shrine.

Stubborn by nature, even though he had ample accomplishment as a Japanese classics scholar, Akinari died in 1809 in abject poverty. Since this grave was built by FUJI Ietaka two years after his death at age 76, this is the oldest grave (claimed to be Akinari's grave) in Japan. The rumor is that he almost died of smallpox when he was a child, but was saved through prayers offered at this shrine.
Photo: UEDA Akinari's Grave

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