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Ward overview

Overview of Konohana-ku

Area 15.45km2
Households 27,184
Population 64,873
Population Density 4,199People/km2

Located at the southern mouth of the Yodogawa River with Osaka Bay to the west, Yodogawa to the north and the Ajikawa on the south this Ward has been blessed with plentiful water supply and has developed as a coastal industrial region with a focus on the chemical industry. However, in recent years, following the changes in the industrial structure, factories have relocated and a shift has been seen towards the research and development fields.
In the western coastal region Universal Studios Japan opened in March 2002 and in "Maishima" the development of a Sports Island where Recreational Sports can be enjoyed progresses. Such developments as the Maishima Ceramics Museum where the community can take part, the Maishima Green Road where sand sports and trekking can be enjoyed, New Yuhigaoka with a beautiful view, offer a resort-like environment that cannot be experienced within the city. Furthermore, the Environmental Industrial Department of Maishima has given a new image to the coastal view.
At the same time, in the eastern area of the Ward can be found a familiar town for the elderly within the home nursing community of the "Konohana Fureai Center", and the "Otoshiyori Sukoyaka Center Western Hall" and the men and women's co-operative center which supports women's involvement and independence within society, "Cleo Osaka West" and other social welfare facilities have developed as the community attains a higher standard of living.
Furthermore, as exemplified in the completion of the Hanshin High-Speed Yodogawa Sagan Line, the "Shourenji River Development Enterprise" which seeks to maintain the city's parks, water and flora, and the extension of the Hanshin West Osaka Line running from Nishikujou to Namba, the coastal environment and transportation system is improving to become make Konohana-ku a Ward that has a balance of community, employment, and recreation.

Official flower Universal City Walk
Official flower Universal City Walk

Environmental Management Bureau Maishima Plant

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