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Overview of Taisho Ward

Taisho Ward developed as a waterfront industrial area, but with the completion of a certain level of urban infrastructure through a land reclamation project it has now taken on the aspect of a town bustling with activity.

The Chishima area is well furnished with public facilities such as ward office, Public Health Center, gymnasium, community center and regional library. In the center of Chishima Park there is a hill called Showa Yama rising 33m above sea level and surrounded by greenery and flowers of each season where flocks of birds gather and sing to their hearts content.

The Kitamura and Kobayashi area where Taisho Ward Home Care Service Center is located constitutes a welfare and medical care zone, and Marine Tennis Park Kitamura, site of the East Asian Soft Tennis Tournament, is noted as a sports spot. The Taisho Area Cultural Exchange Plaza, nicknamed “Azalea Taisho,” a multi-purpose music hall, sports center and outdoor swimming pool, serves as a hub for cultural and sports activities.

With the completion of a landfill project in the water off Tsuruhama a lively harbor “spacious zone” has been created centering around harbor facilities and the environment-friendly residences and other structures that are being built contribute to adding life to the area.

Concerning the transportation network, the Nagahori-Tsurumi Ryokuchi Line has been extended to Taisho Station providing access to Osaka City. The road network includes connecting bridges - Shin Kizugawa Ohashi to Suminoe Ward, Namihaya Ohashi to Minato Ward and a bridge leading to Taisho Inner Harbor, tentatively named Chitose-bashi, to be opened this spring. Of the eight ferries in Osaka, seven are in Taisho Ward and affectionately called “moving bridges” by ward residents because of the close attachment of ferries to the life of the ward.
Taisho Ward Flower

Azaleas were chosen as our ward flower because they proudly bloom in profusion all over Showa Yama which itself is a symbol of Taisho Ward. In this design we have embedded our hope that Taisho Ward will advance by leaps and bounds into the 21st century wrapped in the warmth of flowers and greenery.
Area 9.21km2
Number of households 31,090
Population 74,150
Population density 8,051/km2

Photo: Chishima Park
Chishima Park

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