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Consultation Service List

Contact Information Address Telephone Numbers
Ward Administration Information Taisho Ward Office 06-4394-9986
For Security and Traffic Information Taisho Police Station 06-6555-1234
For Fire Prevention and Emergencies Taisho Fire Station 06-6552-0119
For Health and Sanitation Matters and Environmental Issues Taisho Public Health Center 06-4394-9882
For Electricity Kansai Electric Power Co., Inc., Kujo Office 06-6582-2881
For Gas Osaka Gas Customer Center, Osaka Living Office 0120-0-94817
For Telephone Service NTT 116 Center 116 (no area code required)
For Waterworks Waterworks Bureau Taisho Service Station 06-6551-0498
For Sewage Public Works Bureau, Tsumori Office 06-6567-6495
For Garbage Disposal Seibu Environmental Management Center 06-6552-0901
For Road Repairs Public Works Bureau, Tsumori Office, Taisho Construction Zone Section 06-6567-6501
For Parks and Roadside Trees Minato & Taisho Park Office 06-6571-0552
For City Transportation Destination Information Center 06-6582-1400
For Management of Municipal Housing Abeno Housing Center 06-6649-1103
For Municipal Housing Enlistment Osaka Municipal Housing Corporation, Enlistment Dept. 06-6882-7024
For Abandoned Bicycles Bentencho Kita Bicycle Depository 06-6599-1654
For Mail Matters Taisho Post Office 06-6553-8083
For Volunteering Volunteer Bureau 06-6555-7575
For Social Insurance and Social Security Ichioka Pensions Office 06-6571-5031
For Consultation on Working Requirement and Worker's Accident Compensation Insurance Osaka Nishi Labor Standards Supervision office 06-6531-0801
For Job Seeking, Job Offers, Unemployment Insurance Hello Work Osaka Nishi 06-6582-5271
For Property Registration Osaka Legal Affairs Bureau, Kita Branch 06-6363-1981
For Municipal Tax Bentencho Municipal Tax Office 06-4395-2948
For National Taxes such as Income Tax, Inheritance Tax, etc. Minato Tax Office 06-6572-3901
For Prefecture Tax Naniwa Nishi Prefectural Tax Office 06-6581-1221

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