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Introducing places of interest and ancient ruins of Taisho Ward

Surrounded by water, until the beginning of the Taisho Period (early 1900s) Taisho Ward for the most part was a tranquil farm area where roads were show to develop and the means of transportation to the mainland centered in small boats navigating channels and crossing the Kizu-gawa and Shirinashi-gawa Rivers.
The use of ferry boats having begun in the Edo Period (from 1600), the Ochiai Kami Watashi and Ochiai Shimo Watashi of Kizu-gawa and the Jimbe Watashi of Shirinashi-gawa still in use today are both ferries possessing long histories. Even today with the wide use of automobiles, ferry boats are still found and have become the nature poetry (fubutsu-shi) of nearby modern cities who use them as floating bridges.
Today there are eight ferry boat landings in Osaka City seven of these are in Taisho Ward. They are even now a familiar part of the life of ward residents and not a day goes by when they are not used.
Photo: Ferries

 Jimbe Watashi Ferry Landing  Ochiai Kami Watashi Ferry Landing
 Ochiai Shimo Watashi Ferry Landing  Sembommatsu Watashi Ferry Landing
 Chitose Watashi Ferry Landing  Funamachi Watashi Ferry Landing
 Kizu-gawa Watashi Ferry Landing  

The Bridges of Taisho Ward
 Taisho-bashi  Iwasaki-bashi
 Iwamatsu-bashi  Onami-bashi
 Sembommatsu Ohashi  Shin Kizu-gawa Ohashi
 Namihaya Ohashi  Daiun-bashi
 Ofuna-bashi  Minamifuku-bashi

places of interest and ancient ruins of Taisho Ward
 Taisho-bashi  Showa Yama (Mountain)

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