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Ward overview

Overview of Nishi-ku

Area 5.20km2
Households 49,696(2013.1.1)
Population 87,006(2013.1.1)
Population Density 16,732People/km2

Since eighty percent Nishi-ku was damaged during the war, the city made it a model area for urban planning and promoted the land readjustment project in the area. The project was completed in July 1964, and the foundation for it to become the commercial and administrative center for the city was firmly established.

Nishi-ku is located in almost the geographical center of the city, and its landscape is generally flat. The Kitsu River runs through the middle of the ward. There are many wholesalers handling steel, timber, furniture, ceramics, etc. on the east side of the river. Small and medium-sized iron-factories are located on the west side of the river. Historically, the area of Itachibori is famous for industrial tools as is the area of Minamihorie for furniture.

Nishi-ku has 30 parks of all sizes including Utsubo Park, which is also called an oasis in the city center, and Matsushima Park. It also has cultural and educational facilities such as the Central Library, the Public Record Office, and the Culture Center for Children. There are plenty of cultural properties including Rai Sanyo's Birthplace, and the Site of Satsuma-han Kurayashiki (storage building for the Satsuma Clan). Abundant historic sites such as Kawaguchi Kyoryuchi (enclaves for foreign residents), Osaka City Hall Enokojima Office, and the Osaka Prefectural Office remind us of how this area has been developed as the economical, cultural, and administrative center of Osaka.

Yotsubashi-suji Avenue, Naniwa-suji Avenue, and Shin Naniwa-suji Avenue run from north to south, and Chuo-odori Street and Nagahori-dori Street lie east and west. Together, they make up the arterial road system. For public transportation, subway lines including the Yotsubashi, Sennichimae, Chuo, and Nagahori Tsurumi-ryokuchi lines connect each area in Nishi-ku both lengthwise and breadthwise to form orderly urban blocks.

The "Kyocera Dome Osaka" is the key facility in giving Osaka the global appeal of an international city. It is an all-weather, multipurpose dome where a wide range of events such as sports, concerts, and exhibitions are held. It captures the citizens' hopes as an exporter of Osaka's newest cultural information, offering people enriching experiences including entertainment and communication through its events.

Nishi-ku is ready to evolve more than ever as this extension plan progresses. It is developing as a town where commercial and residential areas are well balanced and which has a rich sense of community.

Official flower Kyocera Dome Osaka Utsubo Park
Official flower Kyocera Dome Osaka Utsubo Park

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