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when emergencies strike(What to do during an earthquake)

If you are indoor
Seek shelter beneath a sturdy desk or table and hold onto the legs.
Turn off gas cookers, stoves and gas hot water heaters.
Turn the gas off at the source (at the valve).
Extinguish all fires immediately.
Open a door or window and secure an exit route.
Do not rush outdoors.
Do not use elevators.

If you are outdoors
Cover your head with a brief case etc., and stay away from buildings.
Stay out of narrow streets.
Stay away from vending machines, cement-block walls, and river banks.
Stay away from coastal areas, because of the possibility of tidal waves.

Once the Earthquake Subsides
Obtain accurate information from the radio or other sources and remain calm. Do not be misled by false rumor.
Stay away from cracked buildings and cement-block walls. Confirm the safety status of your neighbors.
Help anyone who is trapped beneath a building or otherwise unable to reach safety.
Administer first-aid to injured people.
Aid elderly or physically handicapped people.
If fire breaks out, cooperate with other people to extinguish it swiftly.
When evacuating an area damaged by an earthquake, turn off all gas valves, check for any gas leaks and then switch all circuit breakers off.
Use the telephone sparingly and do not drive, so you do not hamper rescue and relief efforts.

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