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when emergencies strike(When fire-fighting,ambulance,
and rescue services are needed)

Dialing 119
To request emergency fire fighting, ambulance, or rescue help, dial 119 on your telephone (no area code required when dialing 119).
How to Report an Emergency to 119
When the operator answers the phone...
He or she will ask whether you are reporting a fire or requesting an ambulance.
If you are reporting a fire, say "Kaji". If you are reporting an injury or illness, say "Kyuukyuu". (If you are requesting a rescue, tell the operator the circumstances.)
The operator will ask where the fire or emergency is located.
Tell the operator where the fire or emergency is located.
The operator will ask you your name.
Tell the operator your name.
* When dialing 119, please try to have a Japanese-speaker make the call.

no area code required dialing 119
Fire or ambulance?
Pronounced in Japanese as,
"Kaji desu ka? Kyuukyuu desu ka?"

Fire. "Kaji desu".
Ambulance. "Kyuukyuu desu".
(Please explain the situation.)

The location?
"Basho wa doko desu ka?"

This home/store is at * ward,* machi (chou), number *-*-*.(* apartment building/condominium, * floor, room * .)
Kochira wa * ku *machi (chou) * choume* ban *gou (* mansion * kai *gousitsu)________ to iu ie (mise) desu."

What's your name?
"Anata no onamae wa?"
My name is _______.
"Watashi wa ________ desu".


119 calls on cellular and portable(PHS) telephones

It would greatly assist us if callers on 119 would observe the following points when making calls.
* If you are not sure of your location, please call again from a public telephone (where you will find a sign bearing the address).
* Before making a 119 call, please remember to make sure that you know your location (i.e. the city, ward, district (cho), and address (banchi)).
* If you do not know your location, check the address display of nearest building.
* If you cannot find an address display, check any big building, public facility, intersection name, convenience store branch name, or the address display placed on a beverage vending machine
* Please keep your portable phone on for a while after placing a 119 call, as the fire-fighting service may need to get back to you for more information.

In case you need to know of a hospital where you can receive immediate treatment.
* Our Osaka Municipal Emergency Hospital Information Service will provide answers to your inquiries if you need to know of a hospital where you can receive treatment (although it might not be of a kind that requires an ambulance).

Osaka Municipal Emergency Hospital Information Service
Telephone: 06-6582-7119 (The information service is open day and night throughout the year.)


Transport available for the carringe of sick and injured

ƒV[ƒ‹ Private transport is available (transport costs payable) for the sick and injured whose condition is not serious enough to warrant calling out an ambulance and who do not have easy access to an automobile or taxi. Such patients would include, for example, those unable to walk, those requiring to be transported in a bed or wheelchair, and similar patients needing transport from the home to the hospital, from the hospital to the home, or from one hospital to another. The private forms of transport available for the carriage of such patients bear a sticker of approval issued by the Osaka Municipal Fire Department. For details of this service, please contact any fire station within the city of Osaka.


Telephone book

Feel free to contact your local fire station with any of the following types of queries.

* Consultation concerning fire-fighting and prevention, applications for training courses, submission of applications and other reports, etc.
* Applications for voluntary firefighter training, life-saving courses, and training leading to the acquisition of qualifications as fire-prevention officer.
* Reports of unusual smoke emissions that may or may not indicate the outbreak of fire, e.g. the emission of smoke from fumigants etc
* Reports of fire that you have managed to quell yourself.
* Reports of possible unscrupulous sales of fire extinguishers and other fire-fighting devices .

Osaka Municipal Fire Department Phone Numbers
Names of fire stations Telephone Facsimile Locations of fire stations
Kita 06-6372-0119 06-6372-4885 19-41 Chayamachi Kita-Ku
Miyakojima 06-6923-0119 06-6923-6444 2-1-8 Miyakajima Hon-dori Miyakojima-Ku
Fukushima 06-6465-0119 06-6465-6311 3-17-26 Yoshino Fukushima-Ku
Konohana 06-6461-0119 06-6461-5572 1-8-28 Kasugade-Kita Konohana-Ku
Chuo Honsho:
head office
06-6947-0119 06-6942-5745 2-1-6 Uchihonmachi Chuo-Ku
Branch Station
06-6764-0119 06-6764-6940 1-2-28 Nakadera Chuo-Ku
Nishi 06-4393-0119 06-4393-0124 1-12-54 Kujo-Minami Nishi-Ku
Minato 06-6573-0119 06-6573-0325 1-4-1 Benten Minato-Ku
Taisho 06-6552-0119 06-6552-4099 3-5-16 Kobayashi-Higashi Taisho-Ku
Tennoji 06-6771-0119 06-6771-3293 8-5-10 Uehonmachi Tennoji-Ku
Naniwa 06-6641-0119 06-6634-0119 1-14-20 Motomachi Naniwa-Ku
Nishi-Yodogawa 06-6472-0119 06-6472-0533 1-10-20 Mitejima Nishi-Yodogawa-Ku
Yodogawa 06-6308-0119 06-6308-4071 4-10-12 Kikawa-Higashi Yodogawa-Ku
Higashi-Yodogawa 06-6320-0119 06-6320-1984 4-4-27 Sugahara Higashi-Yodogawa-Ku
Higashinari 06-6971-0119 06-6971-9412 1-27-13 Oimazato-Nishi Higashinari-Ku
Ikuno 06-6731-0119 06-6731-7044 1-13-8 Sharizi Ikuno-Ku
Asahi 06-6952-0119 06-6952-0125 1-1-11 Omiya Asahi-Ku
Joto 06-6931-0119 06-6931-0072 3-4-20 Chuo Joto-Ku
Tsurumi 06-6912-0119 06-6912-6043 5-5-45 Yokotsutsumi Tsurumi-Ku
Abeno 06-6628-0119 06-6628-0925 4-4-30 Matuzaki-Cho Abeno-Ku
Suminoe 06-6685-0119 06-6685-8120 4-11-6 Misaki Suminoe-Ku
06-6695-0119 06-6695-4001 1-1-9 Oriono Sumiyoshi-Ku
Higashi-Sumiyoshi 06-6691-0119 06-6691-1444 3-4-5 Minami-Tanabe Higashi-Sumiyoshi-Ku
Hirano 06-6790-0119 06-6790-8101 1-2-9 Hirano-Minami Hirano-Ku
Nishinari 06-6653-0119 06-6653-2119 1-4-26 Kishinosato Nishinari-Ku
Suijo 06-6574-0119 06-6574-0140 3-1-47 Chikko Minato-Ku

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