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Tezukayama Ancient Burial Mound
Location : Tezukayama-nishi 2-chome
Access : Approx. 100 m west of Tezukayama Station on the Nankai Koya Line
One of the four major burial mounds that remain in Osaka (also Chausuyama in Tennoji-ku, Okachiyama in Ikuno-ku and Shotenyama in Abeno-ku), Tezukayama, created in the early 5th century, is oblong in the front and circular at the back. Situated on a plateau to the north of the ward, it is said to be the grave of Otomono Kanamura, a high-ranking official of a powerful clan in the service of the Yamato Imperial Court who lived in the vicinity. Of the burial mounds still in existence, this is the only one that still retains its original shape both in the front and rear sections.
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