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Abiko Kannon
Location : Abiko 4-chome
Access : Approximately 200 m west of Abiko Station on the subway Midosuji Line; approximately 400 m east of Abiko-cho Station on the JR Hanwa Line
Officially called Abikozan, and the temple itself named Daisho Kannonji Temple, Abiko Kannon (goddess of mercy) is well known as Japan's oldest place of worship for Kannon worshippers and as a deity that drives away evil. Long ago, the powerful clan of Abiko Yosami was said to have lived in this area. Abiko was said to have received an image of Kannon standing about only 5 cm in height from the king of the Kudara dynasty. The people erected a shrine for the deity and worshipped it, and when Prince Shotoku visited the area approximately 1,400 years ago, he was said to have received a divine message from the goddess, which led to him creating the temple. The annual Setsubun ceremony for the driving away of evil spirits is always thronging with worshippers praying for the goddess to repel evil, bring good luck, protect them from illness and disaster, and make their wishes come true.
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