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Sakishima Cosmosquare Area

Bird's eye view of Sakishima Cosmosquare

About Sakishima Cosmosquare Area

Sakishima Cosmosquare Area aims to be the center of business exchange and trade open to South and East Asia, and also serve as a base for intensive research and development functions in the field of environment, new energy, healthcare, nursing care, which have a high growth potential. It is hoped that prototypes contributing to development of cutting-edge technologies are manufactured in this area.

Zoning Map for Sakishima Cosmosquare Area

Zoning map for Sakishima Cosmo square area

Sakishima Cosmosquare Area’s potential

  • Verdant settings featuring Seaside Cosmo (Cosmosquare Seaside Park) and Natural Bird Sanctuary and refreshing scenery with canals
  • Safe and comfortable traffic system by separating pedestrian and vehicle zones
  • Convenient transport access
    15 minutes from the city center (Hommachi Station)
    20 minutes from Osaka Station
    30 minutes from Shin-Osaka Station
    30 minutes from Kansai International Airport