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Ward office

*Guide to Fukushima Ward Office, Center for Public Health and Welfare
1-8-1 Ohiraki, Fukushima-ku, Osaka 553-8501
Service hours 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. from Monday through Friday
The ward office is open for certain services until 7:00 p.m. every
Friday and on the fourth Sunday of each month from 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. (excluding national holidays, year-end and new year)
Main telephone number 06-6464-9986
Telephone consultation for foreign residents at ward
Ward offices provide telephone consultation on administrative services and information inquiries.
Languages and service days English, Chinese and Korean: Monday through Friday
Service hours 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. from Monday through Friday (excluding national holidays, year-end and new year)
Consultation numbers 06-6464-9907

Numbers at Ward Offices


Principal Affairs
[Soumu Ka]
General Affairs Department
[Soumu Tanto]
General Affairs Section
4F General Affairs in the Ward Office 06-6464-9625
[Fukushimaku Senkyo Kanriiinkai Jimukyoku]
Secretariat to Fukushima Ward Election Administration Commission
Election Administration 06-6464-9626
[Sougou Kikaku Tanto]
Comprehensive Planning Section
Public Hearing, Public Relations, Consultations, Planning and Coordination, Progress Management of Ward Projects, Public Sector Evaluation 06-6464-9683
[Shimin Kyodo Ka]
Civil Participation and Collaboration Department
[Shimin Kyodo Tanto]
Civil Participation and Collaboration
5F Community Promotion, Community Growth, Promotion of Human Rights, Distaster and Crime Prevention, Community Safety 06-6464-9734
[Chiiki Katsudo Shien Tanto]
Community Activity Support Section
Community Activity Council, Lifelong Learning, Citizen Activity Support 06-6464-9743
[Machizukuri Tanto]
Urban Planning Section
Community Planning, Youth Development, Greening, Road Safety 06-6464-9908
[Madoguchi Sabisu Ka]
Counter Services Department
[Jumin Jyoho Tanto]
Resident Registration Section
[Jumin Toroku]
Resident Registration
1F Resident Registration, Personal Seal Registration, Residence Indication and Proof of Residence Indication, School Attendance, Foreign Resident Registration 06-6464-9963
Family Register
Family Register, Permit for Funeral Procedures 06-6464-9961
[Zei Shomei Hakko]
Tax Certificate Issuing
Taxation Certificate,
Tax Payment Certificate,
Fixed Asset Tax Evaluation Certificate, Temporary Permit for Automobiles on Special Lanes
[Hoken Nenkin Tanto]
National Health Insurance and Pension Section
National Health Insurance and
Pension Section Administration
3F Payments of Premiums for National Health Insurance 06-6464-9946
Insurance (For Pension-related Matters)
National Health Insurance, Medical System for the latter-stage elderly, National Pension 06-6464-9956

Numbers at Public Health and Welfare Centers


Principal Affairs
[Hoken Fukushi Ka]
Health and Welfare Department
[Fukushi Tanto]
Welfare Section  
[Chiiki Fukushi]
Regional Welfare
2F Health Care for the Disabled, Children and Single-Parent Families, Child Allowance, Financial Assistance with Medical Bills 06-6464-9857
Commissioned Welfare and Children’s Social Work Volunteers, Housing Allowance 06-6464-9880
[Kaigo Hoken/Koreisha
Long-Term Care Insurance/
Welfare for the Elderly
Long-Term Care Insurance System, Welfare for the Elderly 06-6464-9859
Livelihood Protection
3F Welfare Benefits 06-6464-9872
[Hoken Tanto]
Public Health Section
2F Health and Welfare, Medical Check-ups, Healthy Life Plan for Mother and Child and Elderly, Vaccination, Tuberculosis, Prevention of Infectious Diseases, Compensation Laws for Public Health Damage, Consultations and Guidance on Nutrition, Medical Laws 06-6464-9882
Environmental Public Health, Food Hygiene, Environment Preservation, Consultations on Life Environment, Prevention of Rabies, Animal Protection and Control 06-6464-9973
[Hoken Katsudo]
Home Visits and Services
Expectant and Nursing Mothers, Infant Health Consultations, Health Consultations for the Elderly, Mental Health and Welfare Consultations, Prevention of Lifestyle Disease 06-6464-9968

Bentencho Municipal Tax Office (city tax inquiries)
Address ORC200 Nibangai 1F, 1-2-2-100 Benten, Minato-ku, Osaka 552-8505
Tel 06-4395-2948

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