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Bicycle Parking is Forbidden in the Entire “Minami” Area
The City of Osaka has classified the areas around stations as a “Bicycle Parking Forbidden Area.” By city policy, bicycles parked in this area will be removed immediately and held for return for a period of one month.
As outlined in the “Energetic Osaka Policy Vision,” the City is currently focused on legislature against illegally parked bicycles. As such, the entire “Minami” area has been classified as a “Bicycle Parking Forbidden Area” as of October 1, 2009.
The City of Osaka, as one part of beautification efforts in the “Minami” area, is working to reduce improperly parked bicycles, which hinder pedestrian traffic and ambulances alike. The decision to reduce the number of bicycles was reached through discussions with the Committee for the Beautification of the “Minami” Area, which is composed of residents and representatives from area shopping arcades.
In doing so, the City also received signatures from each shopping arcade and community council in the “Minami” area for the “Bicycle Urban Development Agreement.” Once finished, this agreement classified the entire “Minami” area as a “Bicycle Parking Forbidden Area.”
This agreement is a result of the cooperation of area residents and city administration, and provides for continued public awareness of and timely removal of any parked bicycle which disrupts the normal flow of pedestrian traffic.
In addition, above classifying this area as a “Bicycle Parking Forbidden Area”, preparations to increase the number of bicycle parking lots in the area.

“Bicycle Urban Development Agreement”
In areas such as the “Minami” area, the majority of improperly parked bicycles are ridden by area workers or customers. The city administration and local area representatives are working together to create the “Bicycle Urban Development Agreement,” as it is inadequate to uniformly remove every bicycle in these areas.

Agreement Points
  • Area businesses will work to reduce bicycle usage by their staff
  • Area business will work to provide or upkeep spaces for bicycle parking for staff and customers
  • Area representatives and the city administration will work together to instruct and promote proper bicycle practices to riders
  • Area representatives and the city administration will work together to develop methods for bicycle removal
  • Area presence during the removal of bicycles will be increased
Forbidden Area at MINAMI Area
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