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Osaka ferries
Tempozan Ferry Landing
Jinbei Ferry Landing
Chitose Ferry Landing
Ochiaikami Ferry Landing
Ochiaishimo Ferry Landing
Senbonmatsu Ferry Landing
Funamachi Ferry Landing
Kizugawa Ferry Landing
Osaka ferries
Passenger ferries in Osaka have been plying the numerous rivers of this water metropolis for decades. While there were 31 ferries in about 1935, the ravages of war resulted in the decommissioning of most of these ferries. Postwar reconstruction efforts resulted in the addition of ferries that could accommodate automobiles, which led to an expansion of the fleet to 12 ferries carrying approximately 2.50 million passengers by 1978. In 2000, there were 8 ferries carrying approximately 1.97 million passengers. The ferry system is used by local residents who regard it as an essential mode of transportation in their lives.

Currently operating ferry landings
1. Tempozan Ferry Landing
2. Jinbei Ferry Landing
3. Chitose Ferry Landing
4. Ochiaikami Ferry Landing
5. Ochiaishimo Ferry Landing
6. Senbonmatsu Ferry Landing
7. Funamachi Ferry Landing
8. Kizugawa Ferry Landing
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