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Osaka City bicycle control measures
Osaka City measures to deal with abandoned bicycles

The breaching of good manners affects everyone!
A great number of bicycles are parked or otherwise left everyday in areas surrounding train stations situated in the city of Osaka. Leaving bicycles in a cluttered fashion by the road or in public squares by the entrances to stations negatively affects the lives of residents, such as by impeding the safe passage of pedestrians and automobiles, spoiling the urban landscape, and interfering with the activities of emergency personnel.

Commencing with the construction of bicycle parking lots
In Osaka City, the construction of bicycle parking lots began in 1973. Areas surrounding train stations were designated "illegal bicycle parking zones" in 1983, and the issue of illegally parked bicycles was dealt with by the formulation of a policy to promptly remove such bicycles, which would then be kept for up to one month before being returned or disposed of. Municipal ordinances to encourage proper use of municipal bicycle parking lots were gradually enacted beginning in 1988. A system of pay parking was introduced with the aim of eliminating confusion inside bicycle parking lots and discouraging non-essential short-distance trips.

The number of cases of illegally parked bicycles declined but...
These policy changes helped to significantly reduce the number of cases of illegally parked bicycles, but in order to truly address the root cause of such an issue as this, it is essential that each individual user become aware of his or her responsibilities and demonstrate a sincere intent to observe good manners. We ask all residents for their understanding and cooperation in efforts to eradicate the illegal parking of bicycles, maintain the safety and comfort of our roads and public spaces in front of stations, and ensure a pleasant commute for everyone.

Please refrain from riding your bicycle for non-essential purposes.
It takes only about 10 minutes to travel 800 meters on foot.
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