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From an illegal bicycle parking zone
Bicycle Impounded Center
From a location that is not an illegal bicycle parking zone
From an illegal bicycle parking zone
In order to ensure safe and comfortable living conditions for residents, areas surrounding railway stations in the city up to a radius of approximately 300 meters were declared illegal bicycle parking zones in accordance with municipal ordinances to encourage proper use of municipal bicycle parking lots.

Bicycles parked on roads and in public plazas in front of stations where parking is illegal will be promptly confiscated notwithstanding the shortness of time between the act of parking the bicycle and the decision taken to confiscate.

In the event that your bicycle is fixed to a safety bar with a chain lock or similar device, your bicycle may be removed after such chain lock or similar device is severed or otherwise subject to necessary action to facilitate the removal of the bicycle.

What is illegal parking?
The relevant ordinance defines illegal parking as: "That which results from leaving your bicycle on the road in such circumstances as to increase distance between you and your bicycle and preclude the immediate relocation thereof."
The test for determining whether your bicycle is parked illegally does not revolve around the duration or purpose of parking, but depends rather on the possibility of relocating your bicycle. Notwithstanding the shortness of the duration involved, if your bicycle cannot be relocated immediately, it will be deemed to be an illegally parked bicycle.
Locations at which this sign is posted have been identified as illegal bicycle parking zones.
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