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List of fire stations
Names of fire stations Telephone Facsimile Locations of fire stations
Kita 06-6372-0119 06-6372-4885 19-41 Chayamachi Kita-Ku
Miyakojima 06-6923-0119 06-6923-6444 2-1-8 Miyakajima Hon-dori Miyakojima-Ku
Fukushima 06-6465-0119 06-6465-6311 3-17-22 Yoshino Fukushima-Ku
Konohana 06-6461-0119 06-6461-5572 1-8-30 Kasugade-Kita Konohana-Ku
Chuo Honsho:
head office
06-6947-0119 06-6942-5745 2-1-6 Uchihonmachi Chuo-Ku
Branch Station
06-6764-0119 06-6764-6940 1-2-28 Nakadera Chuo-Ku
Nishi 06-4393-0119 06-4393-0124 1-12-54 Kujo-Minami Nishi-Ku
Minato 06-6573-0119 06-6573-0325 1-4-1 Benten Minato-Ku
Taisho 06-6552-0119 06-6552-4099 3-5-16 Kobayashi-Higashi Taisho-Ku
Tennoji 06-6771-0119 06-6771-3293 8-5-10 Uehonmachi Tennoji-Ku
Naniwa 06-6641-0119 06-6634-0119 1-14-20 Motomachi Naniwa-Ku
Nishi-Yodogawa 06-6472-0119 06-6472-0533 1-10-20 Mitejima Nishi-Yodogawa-Ku
Yodogawa 06-6308-0119 06-6308-4071 4-10-12 Kikawa-Higashi Yodogawa-Ku
Higashi-Yodogawa 06-6320-0119 06-6320-1984 4-4-27 Sugahara Higashi-Yodogawa-Ku
Higashinari 06-6971-0119 06-6971-9412 1-27-13 Oimazato-Nishi Higashinari-Ku
Ikuno 06-6731-0119 06-6731-7044 1-13-8 Sharizi Ikuno-Ku
Asahi 06-6952-0119 06-6952-0125 1-1-11 Omiya Asahi-Ku
Joto 06-6931-0119 06-6931-0072 3-4-20 Chuo Joto-Ku
Tsurumi 06-6912-0119 06-6912-6043 5-5-45 Yokotsutsumi Tsurumi-Ku
Abeno 06-6628-0119 06-6628-0925 4-4-30 Matuzaki-Cho Abeno-Ku
Suminoe 06-6685-0119 06-6685-8120 4-11-6 Misaki Suminoe-Ku
06-6695-0119 06-6695-4001 1-1-9 Oriono Sumiyoshi-Ku
Higashi-Sumiyoshi 06-6691-0119 06-6691-1444 3-4-5 Minami-Tanabe Higashi-Sumiyoshi-Ku
Hirano 06-6790-0119 06-6790-8101 1-2-9 Hirano-Minami Hirano-Ku
Nishinari 06-6653-0119 06-6653-2119 1-4-26 Kishinosato Nishinari-Ku
Suijo 06-6574-0119 06-6574-0140 3-1-47 Chikko Minato-Ku
refer to Useful information
[ When fire-fighting, ambulance, and rescue services are needed]


Information service centers
Inquiry desks Telephone
Emergency Consultation Center Osaka 06-6582-7119
refer to

Useful information
[Emergency Consultation Center Osaka]


Inquiries concerning fire-fighting training, instruction, and drills
Inquiry desks Telephone
Fire stations in Osaka list of fire stations
Osaka Foundation of Fire Service Promotion 06-6459-1500
Osaka City Abeno Life Safety Learning Center
*Closed: Wednesday, every month last Thursday (It is the next day in the case of a holiday), year-end/new-year holidays (Dec. 28 - Jan. 4)
Inquiry desks Telephone Locations
Osaka City Abeno Life Safety Learning Center 06-6643-1031 3-13-23 Abenosuji Abeno-Ku


Inquiries concerning fire-fighting apparatus and equipment
Types of equipment Inquiry desks Telephone
Home fire alarms Japan Fire Alarms Manufacturers Association, Kansai Branch 06-6245-0396
Osaka Prectual Fire-fighting Equipment Association 06-6943-7654
Anti-flaming and fireproof products Japan Fire-retardant Association, Osaka Office 06-6947-8844
Automatic home fire extinguishers Japan Fire Extinguishing System Manufacturers' Association, Kansai Branch 06-6245-0179
Home fire extinguishers Osaka Fire-fighting Equipment Cooperative 06-6325-0660
Japan Fire Extinguisher Manufacturers Association 03-3866-6258
Osaka Prectual Fire-fighting Equipment Association 06-6943-7654

Beware of unscrupulous door-to-door sales!
You may encounter unscrupulous door-to-door operators trying to sell fire extinguishers with the following sales pitches. Please exercise caution with regard to the following:
  • Salespeople claiming to have come from the fire department, fire station, etc.
  • Salespeople falsely claiming that it have become obligatory to equip your home with a fire extinguisher.
  • Salespeople who encourage you to replace perfectly serviceable fire extinguishers with the one they are selling.
  • Salespeople that press you to buy a fire extinguisher on the grounds that everyone else in the neighborhood had already done so.
  • Salespeople that falsely claim that you need to replace the contents of your fire extinguisher with the extinguishing agents they are offering.

*Even if you are off your guard and happen to sign a sales agreement or contract with a door-to-door salesperson, please remember that you are still entitled to nullify such an agreement within EIGHT days ("cooling-off period") of having signed it, provided you do so in writing. However, such cash transactions as involve less than 3,000 yen cannot be cancelled.

Inquiry desks

Osaka Municipal Fire Department,Fire prevention Section 06-4393-6242
Osaka Prefectural Police Department 06-6941-4592
Fire stations in Osaka list of fire stations
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