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when emergencies strike(If fire breaks out)

Notify the Fire Department

  Notify family members and neighbors in a loud voice.
  Call 119 from a safe location.
Refer to...

Disaster prevention information
[Dialing 119]


Extinguishing Fires

It is important to extinguish fires immediately, to prevent spreading. Keep a fire extinguisher in an easy-to-reach location, just in case.

How to Use a Fire Extinguisher
1. Pull out the safety pin. Then, move to within 3 to 5 meters of the burning item.
How to use Extinguisher
2. Unfasten the hose and aim it at the base of the fire. Or, if there is no hose, aim the nozzle at the base of the fire.
3. Squeeze the lever firmly.
4. Spray the fire extinguisher directly onto the burning item, takings care not to be misled by smoker or flames.

If deep-frying oil catches fire...
  Put the fire out using a fire extinguisher.
  Slide a large, sturdy kid over the entire top of the pan, beginning with the edge nearest you.
  Cut off the oxygen supply with a large zabuton(cushion/pillow) or a water-dampened sheet.
* Always turn off the gas tap after extinguishing the fire.
* Never throw water on an oil fire.



  Saving lives comes first. If you think a situation is dangerous, notify people in the vicinity with a loud voice and evacuate the premises.
Smoke contains carbon monoxide, which is a toxic substance. Bend low or crawl on the floor to evacuate, holding a handkerchief or towel to your nose and mouth.
Be sure to confirm the availability of escape route (in both direction) on a daily basis.
Do not use elevators. Once you have evacuated, do not return.

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