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Port Facilities

Container Terminals in Sakishima

Exclusive Container Terminal

▲Exclusive Container Terminal (berths C-1 ~ 4)

Exclusive Container Wharf(Berth C-8)and public container wharf (Berth C-9)

  Six berths in Sakishima

▲Exclusive Container Wharf (Berth C-8)
Public Container Wharf (Berth C-9)

Sakishima’s (Nanko District) container terminals are comprised of six berths which include five exclusive-use berths and one public berth.
These berths are used mainly by container ships on international routes such as Southeast Asia, China and Australia. Asian trade takes up 90% of the total cargo handled at the Port, and China accounts for 70% of them.

Summary of the Container Wharf's Facilities (Kobe-Osaka international Port Corporation)

Length (m) Depth (m) Yard (m2) Outlets for Reefers Gantry
Related Facilities (m2) Routes Open
C-1 350 13.5 104,152 378 2 CFS
(1 rows) 8,300
S.E. Asia 1969.
C-2 350 13.5 105,044 324 2 CFS
(1 rows) 7,000
Australia, S.E. Asia 1969.
C-3 350 13.5 104,610 168 2 CFS
(2 rows) 15,576
Australia, China 1973.
C-4 350 13.5 119,999 144 2 Australia, S.E. Asia, China, Korea 1974.
C-8 350 14.0 126,062 264 3 CFS
(1 rows) 6,546
Australia, S.E. Asia, China 1991.
C-9 350 13.0 129,959 288 2 - Australia, S.E. Asia, China, Korea 1993.

Summary of the Multi-Purpose Wharf for Foreign Trade

Designation Length (m) Depth (m) Yard (m2) Gantry
C-6 300 12.0 60,000 1 North America
C-7 300 12.0 60,000 1 Korea

Sakishima hosts Nanko International Container Center with a high-floored transit shed for collecting and vanning of foreign cargo, and Osaka Port Integrated Cargo Center with distribution and processing facility behind Multi-purpose public wharf for foreign trade(C6~7).

Multi purpose wharf   Nanko International container center

Multi purpose wharf (Berths C-6, C-7)
Osaka Port Integrated Cargo Distribution Center;
Nanko International Container Center


▲Nanko International Container Center
(Warehouse Q-4)

Dimension Summary

Nanko International Container Center
Area 73,716m2
Transit Shed (4 rows) 39,320m2 (total floor)
Marshalling Yard 50,394m2

Osaka Port Integrated Cargo Distribution Center
Total Floor Space 84,796m2
Building No.1 40,616m2 (total floor)
Building No.2 44,180m2