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Osaka Nanko ferry terminal

▲Osaka Nanko Ferry Terminal (F-1~F-6)

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▲Nanko Domestic Trade Wharves (A.B.D.E)

Located at the middle of Japan, the Port of Osaka is an important base for economic and industrial activity of the Kinki Region and also the nation as a whole.
The Osaka Nanko Ferry Terminal, the Osaka Nanko Kamome Ferry Terminal and the Osaka Nanko Cosmo Ferry Terminal, three of the largest mid- and long-distance ferry service, accommodating by large ferries bound for various parts throughout western Japan with 6 services departing daily.
These terminals handle about two third of domestic handled at the port of Osaka.

A Main line network
Domestic Ferries Terminals (as at Oct 2015)

Designatio Length(m) Depth(m) Transit Shed Route Shipping Company
F-1 200 7.5 1 2,333 Shinmoji Meimon Taiyo Ferry Co.,Ltd.
F-2 130 6.0
F-3 148 6.0 Toyo Orange Ferry
F-4 165 7.5 Shinmoji Meimon Taiyo Ferry Co.,Ltd.
F-5 165 7.5
F-6 130 6.0
B-1 137.5 7.5 Amamioshima・Naha A"LINE
F-7 240 8.5 1 917 Shibushi Ferry Sunflower Limited.
F-8 205 7.5
R-2~4 665 10~12.0 Under construction
R-5 183 7.5 Beppu Ferry Sunflower Limited.

Forinfomation on the ferry companies that operate in and out of theae sea ferry terminals and access to each ferry terminal, please visit the Osaka Car Ferry Activities Association website.