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Introducing our Projects
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JR Hanwa Line grade separation project
Project outline and progress
PictureGrade separation project attempts to eliminate traffic congestion and railroad crossing accidents and hazards by such eliminating crossings, ensure community access and promote economic and industrial development for Osaka City to be an international city for 21st century.
Traffic congestion occur frequently on the Hanwa Line, which cuts through the southern part of Osaka City, intersects main arterial streets. In order to remove these crossings, a project to elevate railroad along a 4.9-kilometer span from Fuminosato 4-chome, Abeno-ku to Sugimoto 3-chome, Sumiyoshi-ku was adopted as an urban planning initiative in 1981. Land purchases began in 1984 and construction of elevated railroad began in the second half of 1999. A full conversion to grade separation was finished in May of 2006.

Overview of project
Name of project : Osaka urban plan > urban high-speed railway > JR Hanwa Line grade separation project
Determination of urban plan : July 31, 1981
Project permits issued : March 28, 1983
Conclusion of agreement : March 21, 1984
Project zone : Fuminosato 4-chome, Abeno-ku to Sugimoto 3-chome, Sumiyoshi-ku
Project length : 4,860 meters
Number of eliminated crossings : 12 (crossings from Kita 2 Minami-Tanabe to Kita 3 Sugimoto-cho)
Intersections with arterial streets : Urban planning streets (Kizugawa-Hirano Line, Shibatani-Hirano Line, Tennoji-Abiko Line, Shikitsu-Nagayoshi Line, Yamatogawa-Hokugan Line)
Station facilities :
Platforms / Opposing dual platforms (Minami-Tanabe Station, Nagai Station, Abiko-cho Station)
Island-type dual platforms (Tsurugaoka Station)
Elevator / One per platform
Escalator / Two per platform up/down
Elevated switch : May 21, 2006
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