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Disasters: Basic Knowledge


  • When an earthquake occurs, tidal wave information will be broadcast on both TV and radio. If a tidal wave warning is issued, Osaka City will announce it by radio broadcast.
  • When a strong earthquake (seismic intensity of 4 or greater) is felt, or when a weak earthquake is felt with many aftershocks, leave the seaside immediately for the highest place possible.
  • Even if no earthquake is felt, when a tidal wave warning is issued, leave the seaside immediately and seek refuge at an elevated area.
  • In the event of only a cautionary tidal wave warning, please pay adequate attention when swimming or fishing.
  • Because tidal waves attack repeatedly, never let down your guard until warnings and cautions are revoked.


  • A typhoon is accompanied by strong winds, torrential rains, high tides, and leave great damage. Pay attention to the meteorological information from the TV and the radio.
  • Put up shutters and if there are no shutters, attach gummed cloth tape to window frames and draw curtains and drapes. Remove wash-line poles from the veranda, flower pots from the periphery of the house, and reinforce the TV antenna with wood and wire.
  • Clean drain holes and gutters and put away refuse bins. If there is fear of a flood, leave together with your neighbors for shelter.
  • If there is a fear of high tides, leave with your neighbors for a shelter located away from the seaside and/or rivers.
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