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Recreation and Tourism Bureau

Organization of the Recreation and Tourism Bureau
With the coming of Japan's aging society, people have developed new lifestyles, with a more diverse sense of value. As this societal change continues, more and more people people seek to develop a leisure-filled and rich spirit as well.

The Recreation and Tourism Bureau performs an important role in making Osaka and its parks replete with greenery and flowers, as well as developing activities to promote tourism, culture and sports, which allow our citizens to better themselves and develop the leisure-filled and rich spirits they seek.

This Bureau supports policy development for culture, sports and greenery and maintains the organic connections between those policies, as well as develops Osaka's charm through city promotion.

With creative talent taken not only from within Japan but from foreign countries as well, this Bureau works to make Osaka a popular place. To that end, we support projects that work to realize a vibrant society where, through experiencing culture and greenery and enjoying everything Osaka has to offer fully, people of every stage of life can live richly and safely.
1 General Affairs Division
The responsibilities of the General Affairs Division include general affairs for the Bureau and comprehensive planning for tourism promotion policies, as well as long-term maintenance and management of Bureau-owned facilities and equipment. 2 Culture Division
The Culture Division develops policies to enhance Osaka's attractiveness, as well as supporting policies for cultural promotion, and policies for the operation of various museums. 3 Sports Division
The Sports Division develops sports promotion policies, with the goal of developing Osaka's widespread enjoyment of sporting activities. 4 Greenery Promotion Division
The responsibilities of the Greenery Promotion Division include park management, policies relating to park maintenance, and general greenery promotion activities.