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History of bridges
Osaka has traditionally possessed a highly developed water transportation network of rivers and canals, and its numerous bridges have led locals to coin the term "the 808 bridges of Naniwa" in reference to this unique aspect of the city.
Indeed, are you aware of the seemingly countless bridges that dot the landscape here in Osaka?
There are 823 bridges currently managed by the city of Osaka and several dozen more managed by other parties for a total of over 872 bridges that can be found within the city limits.
There is such a broad array of different bridge forms that are represented in Osaka that the city is often regarded as a veritable catalog of bridges, with each example conforming to its local topography and environmental conditions. Scores of engineers from across Japan and around the world have visited Osaka to study the city's fascinating collection of bridges, which includes arch bridges, box beam bridges, and cable stay bridges.
From a design standpoint, one can appreciate the diverse features that have added flair to various landmark bridges in Osaka - from a lion sitting by the approach to one bridge, to a bridge shaped like a pair of glasses when seen from above, and another that lights up at night to resemble a ginkgo tree.
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