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History of roads
The system of roads in the city of Osaka was originally conceived during the construction of Osaka Castle by Toyotomo Hideyoshi and arranged in an orderly fashion according to a grid pattern. These roads were gradually revamped and reinforced as crucial elements of the infrastructure of an economically significant city in the Edo Period. However, these roads were barely adequate to accommodate traffic consisting of people, horses, and ox-drawn carriages.
Osaka was incorporated as a city in 1889 and began to seek a modern approach to urban planning. In 1903, Osaka sought to take advantage of the opportunities presented by the fifth national industrial exhibition and launched the operations of its first municipal streetcar. As part of such changes, projects were undertaken to widen the narrow streets in the city.
In 1920, a road improvement plan was drafted, thereby marking the first step for road construction undertaken according to the dictates of modern urban planning.
Based on reconstruction plans in the post-war years, a vision of traffic for the future was formulated and lines and road widths were determined. Full-scale development commenced in 1953, and in the years since, we have been involved in developing the road network in conjunction with various large-scale events and projects, most notably the Japan World Exposition held in 1970, the International Garden and Greenery Exhibition held in 1990, and the construction of Kansai International Airport, which opened in September 1994.
Map of Osaka newly drawn in the year 1657, illustrating the central part of Osaka city around the 16th century
Development of Midosuji Boulevard (elevated bridge under construction, A 1969 project related to World Expo '70.)
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