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Current state of bridges
The bridge types are divided into 582 steel bridges, 294 concrete bridges, 4 stone bridges, and 1 wooden bridge in Osaka City.
832 bridges in Osaka City (as of April 1, 2005)are managed by the Osaka Municipal Public Works Bureau. All Of these 832 bridges have a combined total length of 56km and a total area of 870,000m2.
Presemt State of Bridges
Type Number of bridge Details Length(km) Area(1,000m2)
Steel Bridge Concrete Bridge Stone Bridge Wooden Bridge
Total 881 582 294 4 1 64.4 1078
Details Administered by the Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport 29 23 6 0 0 7.7 199
Administered by Osaka City 832 546 281 4 1 55.6 865
  Administered by other 20 13 7 0 0 1.1 14
(As of April 1,2005)
"Bridges in Osaka City"
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