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How to make a phone call

1 Domestic Call

Area Code → Telephone Number
(For domestic calls in Japan, area codes must be preceded by a ZERO.)
For local calls, there is no need to dial an area code before the telephone number.

2 International Call

Dial as follows to place an international call.

Access Code→010→Country Code→Area Code→Telephone Number

Choose one access code from one of the following telephone companies offering international calls: 001(KDDI Corporation), 0033(NTT Communications), 0041(SOFT BANK Telecom).
For example, if you wish to call to 123-4567 in New York City, U.S.A., dial
001(Access code) - 010 - 1(Country code of U.S.A.) -
212(Area code of New York City) - 123 - 4567(Telephone number)

Dial 0051 for KDDI operator-assisted international calls.

NTT Communications


Softbank Telecom (English)

3 Cellular Phones

To sign up for a cellular phone contract you will need an identity verification document (Residence Card, etc) and evidence of your current address. For more details, please refer to each cellular phone company.

4 Telephone Directories

iTOWNPAGE (Japanese Version)

5 Faxing

Facsimile service is available at major train stations or convenience stores within the city. (For sending only). Please make inquires directly to them.

Japan Post Website

Domestic Mail  (Japanese/English)
International Mail  (Japanese/English/ Chinese/ Korean/Spanish/ Portuguese)

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