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Port Services

Osaka Customs is engaged in levying taxes, issuing entry permits, carrying out inspections, and bonding imports when ships and cargo enter or leave the port.

Osaka Customs display

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Osaka Customs

In order to ensure safe and efficient transport and navigation, the Kinki District Transport Bureau is responsible for the guidance and supervision of marine transport operators, as well as the administration of examinations for various seamen's qualifications.

Aiming to promote safe navigation within the port, the Osaka Japan Coast Guard is in charge of channel markers, radar information for incoming/outgoing vessels and the rendering of aid to vessels experiencing difficulties.

Osaka Japan Coast Guard Lighthouse

The Osaka Quarantine Station maintains a twenty-four hour guard against disease. Duties of the station include conducting hygiene inspections on ships, surveying sanitary conditions within the harbor, administering periods of quarantine on imported goods and safeguarding against epidemics.

To prevent the introduction of diseases and noxious pests, all imported and exported plant products, such as fruit, vegetables, grains and lumber, are inspected at the Osaka branch of the Kobe Plant Quarantine Office. In addition, all animal products and livestock, including poultry, domestic animals, meat and hide products, are subject to inspection and quarantine at the Osaka branch of the Animal Quarantine Kobe Station.

Immigration procedures for passengers and crew of ships entering or departing the port are handled by the Osaka Regional Immigration Bureau.

The Osaka Water Police Station maintains a twenty-four hour surveillance, targeting smuggling and combating crime in the Osaka Bay area.

The Osaka Marine Fire Station has two fire-fighting boats and the team of diving rescue on twenty-four hour patrol, ready to respond to fires or other emergencies.

Fire-fighting boat

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Having been designed as a pilot-compulsory port, a Pilot Service is available around the clock to ships entering and departing the Port of Osaka.

Through the use of international short-wave (VHF) radio, the Osaka Port Radio provides information to vessels regarding berth designation, tugboat services, mooring line-handlers and quarantine application.

Vessels regarding berth desination


The Port of Osaka provides tugboat service and mooring line-handler helping incoming and outgoing vessels around the clock by private companies.

Vessels in port can avail themselves of fresh water supplies at 49 shore hydrants(600 ton/hr) or from the port's water supply ship(300ton and so on.)

Cleaning Boats are operating within the port, removing debris and working to improve the conditions of the bay.

Port worker's Facilities
Port Workers' Services

Port worker's services

6 Welfare Centers; 180 Apartments rooms; 6 Rest Houses.

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Vocational Training Facilities

Port worker's services

Osaka Prefectural Port Workers' Training Institute; Port of Osaka Polytechnic Center; Osaka Maritime Technique Training Institute.

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Training Institute

Medical Facilities

Osaka Minato central Hospital; Osaka Health Control Center; Osaka Ekisaikai Hospital