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Sister/Friendship Ports
Port of Osaka
Port of San Francisco US flag

Affiliation Date: 26th October 1967
Port worker's services  

As the oldest of the United States of America's West Coast ports, the Port of San Francisco has long been regarded as the nation's gateway to East Asia.

Port of Melbourne AUS flag

Affiliation Date: 9th October 1974
Port of Melbourne  

Located at the mouth of the Yarra River, the Port of Melbourne has developed into the Commonwealth of Australia's largest container port. Affiliation was sought after the establishment of a direct container service between the two ports. Melbourne and Osaka also enjoy sister city status.

Port of Le Havre FRA flag

Affiliation Date :15th July 1980
Port of Le Havre  

Opened by a French king in the 16th Century, the Port of Le Havre, situated at the mouth of the Seine River, is the maritime gateway to the French capital, Paris. The French Republic's biggest port in terms of container handling, the Port of Le Havre affiliated with the aim of promoting further trade.

Port of Shanghai CHN flag

Affiliation Date: 30th October 1981
Port of Shanghai  

Located on the Huangpu River, which flows into the Yangzte River, the Port of Shanghai is the largest in the People's Republic of China. Port affiliation came in the wake of numerous sales missions and personnel exchanges. Osaka also enjoys a friendship city relationship with Shanghai.

Port of Valparaiso CHL flag

Affiliation Date: 24th October 1983
Port of Valparaiso  

As the biggest port on the South American Pacific Coast, the Port of Valparaiso has established itself as the maritime gateway of the Republic of Chile's capital, Santiago. Sister port affiliation was brought about after the Chilean tall ship, "Esmeralda", which is based in the Port of Valparaiso, participated in Osaka World Sail 1983.

Port of Busan KOR flag

Affiliation Date: 6th August 1985
Port of Busam  

The Port of Pusan is the biggest port in the Republic of Korea. It handles container cargo on a global scale and is developing into one of the biggest ports in Asia. Affiliation was the result of efforts to increase trade between the two ports.

Port of Saigon VNM flag

Affiliation Date: 25th November 1994
Port of Saigon  

Situated on the Saigon River, the Port of Saigon handles over half of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam's marine cargo. After technical co-operation and personnel exchanges, the sister port agreement was signed with the aim of promoting friendship.

Prefectural Ports
Port of Lianyungang CHN flag

Affiliation Date:25th June 1983


The Port of Lianyungang is located about 600 kilometers southeast from capital Beijing in eastern China. As one of the largest major ports in China, it handles top-level volumes of cargoes and containers on global scale as well as domestically. The Port of Lianyungang continues to develop today as a gateway open to the world.


Port of Tanjung Perak CHL flag

Affiliation Date:7th November 1986


The Port of Tanjung Perak locates in East Java, it is one of the largest ports in Indonesia. As a hub port for logistics in eastern Indonesia, it handles a large number of cargoes and plays a central role in economic activities.