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Waterfront Development

Overview of the Yumeshima district

Yumeshima is already in operation on the eastern bank as a container terminal, high-standard logistic hub. Along the western bank is a waste processing site, which is located a substantial "megasolar" power plant. The City of Osaka along with the Kansai Business Community and Osaka Prefecture Government drew up a "Yumeshima Development Plan" in August 2017 and has been working to make Yumeshima as a new global tourism hub.

Bird's-eye view of the Yumeshima

Yumeshima's potential

  • Capable of supporting large town development into the future.
  • Waterfront location supports a sense of "escape from the ordinary."
  • Possible of reinforcing the transportation network throughout West Japan, including Kansai International Airport, the waterfront area, downtown of Osaka, and other cities in Kansai.

The future of Yumeshima
  • A new driver of Osaka growth - Global Tourism Hub -
  • Enhancement of existing growth drivers - International Logistics Hub -
  • Appropriate zoning, urban infrastructure, etc.


Land-use In Yumeshima

Land-use in Yumeshima

Yumeshima is the proposed venue for EXPO 2025 OSAKA, KANSAI, JAPAN, which is expected to contribute the economic growth and the regional development as well as introducing the attractiveness of Osaka, Kansai region to the world.
・Scheduled:184 days from April 13 to October 13, 2025
・Theme:Designing Future Society for Our Lives
・Projected visitors:Approx. 28.2 million
Yumesaki Tunnel

Yumesaki tunnel, which promotes the town-establishment of Yumeshima while ensuring the shipment of container freight that supports various industries and the lives of the citizens, is an access road linking Sakishima and Yumeshima (Opened in August, 2009)

umesaki tunnel Entrance of Yumesaki tunnnel

Yumemai Bridge

Linking Maishima and Yumeshima Islands, the Yumemai Bridge has an integral part of the area's transport system. The bridge, of moveable swing-type arch construction that is capable of being swung open in the event that the port's main passage becomes impassable. This unique design makes it the first of its kind in the world.

Yumasaki bridge Yumasaki bridge swinging Yumasaki bridge opened
(1) Open to traffic (2) Swinging the bridge open (3) Open to allow ships to pass