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International Ferry Terminal

International ferry terminal

International ferry terminal Located at International ferry terminal

Scheduled international ferry service operates from the International Ferry Terminal, including three weekly sailings for our sister port of Busan and biweekly two sailings for our friendship port of Shanghai. Ferries are able to leverage their regularly scheduled nature to offer advantages in the shipment of freight, including large items. Hot delivery service (HDS) lets customers take delivery of imported freight soon after it arrives in port while offering shipping times on par with air freight but at lower cost, making it an appealing option.

∗ HDS: Hot Delivery Service. Upon booking container cargo can be picked up swiftly on the day of the ferry's arrival.

International Ferry Terminal (Opened on May 1 1996)

Desig-nation Length (m) Depth (m) Routes Shipping Company/Shipping Agent Vessel Name Vessel Tonnage (in service) Fre-quency Start of Service
KF-1 450 10.0 Shanghai Japan-China International Ferry Co., Ltd Su Zhou Hao (Cargo transportation only) 14,410 1 per 2 week 1993.1.28
Xin Jian Zhen 14,543 1 per 2 week 1994.5.9
KF-2 Busan Sanstar Line Co., Ltd. Panstar Dream 21,535 3 per week 2002.4.24